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unRAID OS version 6.3.4 Stable Release Available


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Upgrade Instructions


Clicking 'Check for Updates' on the Plugins page is the preferred way to upgrade.  If the new version does not appear, you can manually update by selecting the Install Plugin tab, paste this URL and click Install:


Alternately the release may be Downloaded.  In this case it is usually only necessary to copy all the bz* files from the compressed folder to the root of your USB flash boot device.

Please also read the unRAID OS version 6 Upgrade Notes for answers to common issues that may arise following upgrade.




This is a bug fix and security update release.


Base distro:

  • libedit: 20160903_3.1
  • libevent: 2.1.8
  • ncurses: 6.0
  • ntp: version 4.2.8p10 (CVE-2017-6464, CVE-2017-6463, CVE-2017-6458, CVE-2017-6460, CVE-2016-9042, CVE-2017-6462, CVE-2017-6451, CVE-2017-6455, CVE-2017-6452, CVE-2017-6459)
  • mozilla-firefox: version 53.0 (CVE-2017-5433, CVE-2017-5435, CVE-2017-5436, CVE-2017-5461, CVE-2017-5459, CVE-2017-5466, CVE-2017-5434, CVE-2017-5432, CVE-2017-5460, CVE-2017-5438, CVE-2017-5439, CVE-2017-5440, CVE-2017-5441, CVE-2017-5442, CVE-2017-5464, CVE-2017-5443, CVE-2017-5444, CVE-2017-5446, CVE-2017-5447, CVE-2017-5465, CVE-2017-5448, CVE-2016-10196, CVE-2017-5454, CVE-2017-5455, CVE-2017-5456, CVE-2017-5469, CVE-2017-5445, CVE-2017-5449, CVE-2017-5450, CVE-2017-5451, CVE-2017-5462, CVE-2017-5463, CVE-2017-5467, CVE-2017-5452, CVE-2017-5453, CVE-2017-5458, CVE-2017-5468, CVE-2017-5430, CVE-2017-5429)

Linux kernel:

  • version 4.9.28
  • added QLogic Ethernet support (user request):
    • CONFIG_QLA3XXX: QLogic QLA3XXX Network Driver Support
    • CONFIG_QLCNIC: QLOGIC QLCNIC 1/10Gb Converged Ethernet NIC Support
    • CONFIG_QLGE: QLogic QLGE 10Gb Ethernet Driver Support
    • CONFIG_NETXEN_NIC: NetXen Multi port (1/10) Gigabit Ethernet NIC
  • md/unraid version: 2.7.2
    • bug fix: if one disabled disk and another invalid disk, should not be able to unassign third disk


  • create ntp and avahi users if missing
  • update smartmontools drivedb and hwdata/{pci.ids,usb.ids,oui.txt,manuf.txt}
  • emhttp: if valid old key on same usb flash device as Trial key, offer to replace key
  • emhttp: fix 'btrfs check' running status not detected correctly
  • webGui: fixed timing issue where sometimes a cache assignment would not be preserved
  • webGui: Upgrade tooltipster to version 4.2.3
  • webGui: Fixed file read errors when system is started but array is stopped
  • webGui: Fixed regression error in erroneous display of disk table on Dashboard
  • webGui: Registration page refinements
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First reboot after the update, my 2x SSD cache pool was offline. Stopped array, reassigned SSDs to correct slots and started the array. unRaid then presented me with this popup:

unRAID Cache disk SMART message [5]: 17-05-2017 23:10
Notice [TOWER] - reallocated sector ct returned to normal value
Samsung_SSD_850_EVO_500GB_S2RANX0J202265L (sdn)


(that is disk 1 in the raid1 pool)

Opened plex server and appears all is as I left it.

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14 minutes ago, redeuxx said:

I'm a recent unRAID user. But does this require a restart? ... or do only major upgrades require a restart?

Any upgrade requires a restart as the OS installed each time in a RAM disk on a restart from two of the three  bz files on your Flash Drive using the settings in the config folder for your configuration.  The update is always those three bz files plus a few housekeeping files.   Think of it as doing a complete installation of an OS to a hard disk after downloading one of the Linux distributions from a website. 

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I upgraded two systems this morning. My second system was running a VM, Plex, and Reslio-sync. I failed to realize that was about 98% RAM utilization, so when unraid attempted to extract the update after downloading, my system ran out of memory and crashed. Had to hard reboot. Second try I stopped the dockers ahead of time, then all went well. Maybe an FYI for those with smaller amounts of RAM installed.

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1 hour ago, Kir said:

Same here, my SSD drive became unassigned after the reboot. Stopped array (diag at this point attached), reassigned SSD, started OK.




This was probably due to a bug which was fixed in this release:


  • webGui: fixed timing issue where sometimes a cache assignment would not be preserved


Maybe this was actually the first time you rebooted after making the initial assignment?


This bug was caused by a timing issue in webGui where 'Apply' buttons are initially disabled until the page loads and then javascript re-enables.  Was hard to reproduce but we caught it once and fixed.  Seemed to be some combination of browser/PC speed/server speed/dynamix configuration.

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1 hour ago, limetech said:

Maybe this was actually the first time you rebooted after making the initial assignment?


Not the initial, but same idea - I moved the SSD drive to the cage when I got the proper brackets on the last reboot. So I guess the same bug applies.

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My single SSD cache also disappeared after the reboot. Definitely not the first reboot after installing/assigning the drive.


Stopped the array, assigned it, restarted. All dockers have started and it appears that there are no further issues.


Thanks for continuing to improve and update! The only issues I've ever really had have been of my own making - unRAID has been rock solid.


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