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  1. Yes, I am running 0.8. My question is what the port mapping is for the Docker?
  2. Anyone have any ideas on how to expose the DLNA feature in the recent version? Thanks!
  3. I was running the latest version from CA, 2021.03.17. The name of my cache is "Cache". It was the same name before I upgraded.
  4. Hello! Mover tuning seems to be broken after an update to 6.9.1 where it prevents the mover from moving files to the array from cache. It is still broken after re-installing the plugin. The error I get from the logs is attached. Removing the plugin fixes my issue. Thank you!
  5. Thank you for the tip to enable mover logging. I've attached a screenshot of the error. I've removed the mover tuning plugin and the mover is working again. It was also still broken after re-installing the plugin. Perhaps the plugin needs to be updated? Thanks much!
  6. Hello! I've attached the diagnostic archive. The files in shares, "private" and "cache" should be moved to the array from the cache when the mover is invoked. Thank you!
  7. Hello all, I've recently upgraded to the latest version of UNRAID. It doesn't seem like the mover is doing anything, both from schedule or by pressing the Mover button. Attached are screenshots of my share settings and log. Am I missing anything? I've been playing around with Minimum free space, but that doesn't seem to help. I have another share with it set to 300GB and mover doesn't work on that either. Thanks!
  8. Any way to get to bundle the community scrapers in the Docker? ... Thanks for your work!
  9. There are file operations in the background of Dolphine, how do I show this? There is no taskbar as there is in Krusader.
  10. I've just tested this out on the Docker version of Guacamole in community apps. It looks like it works fine when the app is set to Bridge mode, but I get a Bad Gateway error when using a Custom IP.
  11. I seem to just be getting 502 Bad Gateway for all my proxied hosts. It's able to get and generate the LetsEncrypt cert, but can't seem to get anything else.
  12. I have a 20 bay case. But in addition to those 20 bays, I have two 2.5" mounts that are placed elsewhere in the case. Is it possible to create a separate layout for these two mounts?
  13. I know I can clean up and print my server layout, but would it be possible to make a print friendly version of the page? Thanks!
  14. How do I force the update? My unRAID install still doesn't see it.
  15. I'm curious, why are the processes sh and shfs always consuming CPU power? If nothing else is happening, these two will consume 100% of CPU all the time. Much thanks!
  16. I am using 6.3.5 ... where do I find the extra parameters section for the container?
  17. unRAID already on the latest version. All my disks are XFS except for the btrfs cache drive. I have also tried clearing the two privacy options in Windows Explorer options, but they were already unselected. But I don't use Windows Explorer anyway. This is pretty frustrating since it makes my pool unusable at time without a force close.
  18. Yes sir. I'm going to test this out on Windows 7 when I get the chance but yes, it is currently happening on Windows 10. It wasn't always like this. This has just started happening a few days ago.
  19. Hello all! For some reason accessing shares from Windows becomes unresponsive. Sometimes waiting helps, then other times it seems I need to force close Windows Explorer. Are there any settings that I can change to fix this unresponsiveness? The drives are all spun up and they are all in good health. Much thanks!
  20. Hello! I'm curious, what is this autocutsel process? It is constantly using 33-45% CPU. Thanks!
  21. I'm a recent unRAID user. But does this require a restart? ... or do only major upgrades require a restart?