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  1. Updated! No issues thus far 😃
  2. Is there an option to change the background color on the docker logs page, plugins release note page, and the unraid log pop-up? Everything is on dark mode and that's the only thing that's making my OCD kick in 😧
  3. I think it's because the appdata is being moved to the array. When I try to restore it says "No Backups Sets Found".
  4. I set the plugin to delete any backups older than 5 days old but somehow stopped doing it. I have a total of 30 right now
  5. Love the simplicity of adding dockers and VM hardware passthrough. I'd love to see am increase on the drive limit on both the array and parity drives.
  6. Excellent! Thanks for looking in to it
  7. @Squid I can't search using dashes for some reason. If i try to search docker hub for "go-socks5-proxy" it changes it to "go socks5 proxy" causing it to load thousands of pages making it impossible to find.
  8. Sooo muuchh better, Thank you!!
  9. @olehj Is it possible to have an option to center the trays? My OCD is killing me with all that unused space on the right 🤓
  10. @binhex Can you update the check_port plugin? Updating the plugin solved the check port issues stated before. It was found by one of our staff members in Organizr discord. Github issue has been opened and can be accessed here
  11. If needed, feel free to message me on discord and i can remote in to help you out and get you back up and running.
  12. No importing from V1. You need to start fresh We don’t support V1 any longer.
  13. Please switch to the official container for V2.
  14. You can use our official container and yes, you cannot upgrade from V1 to V2. It needs to be a fresh install.