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  1. @binhex Can you update the check_port plugin? Updating the plugin solved the check port issues stated before. It was found by one of our staff members in Organizr discord. Github issue has been opened and can be accessed here
  2. If needed, feel free to message me on discord and i can remote in to help you out and get you back up and running.
  3. No importing from V1. You need to start fresh We don’t support V1 any longer.
  4. Please switch to the official container for V2.
  5. You can use our official container and yes, you cannot upgrade from V1 to V2. It needs to be a fresh install.
  6. I just saw your message on Discord which was posted 35min ago. Most of us are either at work or sleeping. I will help you on Discord moving forward. V2 is more stable than V1. V2 is no longer supported.
  7. LS.io container uses V1. I recommend you to use the official container to switch to V2. Fyi, It needs to be a fresh install. You cannot upgrade from V1 to V2.
  8. What container are you using? Join the Discord server so we can help you out.
  9. Any plans to add NordVPN/ExpressVPN support? I know custom is an option but was curious since it will simplify the setup if its baked in. @binhex
  10. I have Norco 4224 4U chassis. As long as you cover shipping cost and fees, I don't mind shipping it to Canada.
  11. I was having same issue as @tronyx. Delete the catalina.out file and that fixed my issue. Thanks
  12. It works now. Whatever you did last update fixed it. Thank you!