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  1. jrdnlc

    [Support] binhex - rTorrentVPN

    Any plans to add NordVPN/ExpressVPN support? I know custom is an option but was curious since it will simplify the setup if its baked in. @binhex
  2. jrdnlc

    [WTB][CAN-ON]24 bay server chassis

    I have Norco 4224 4U chassis. As long as you cover shipping cost and fees, I don't mind shipping it to Canada.
  3. jrdnlc

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    I was having same issue as @tronyx. Delete the catalina.out file and that fixed my issue. Thanks
  4. jrdnlc

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    It works now. Whatever you did last update fixed it. Thank you!
  5. jrdnlc

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    I did. It made no difference
  6. jrdnlc

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    I hate to say but that didn’t fix it
  7. jrdnlc

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    Deleted. Repulled same error
  8. jrdnlc

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    Is the update live yet? Still not fixed for me
  9. jrdnlc

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    Default permissions when adding a docker on unRAID. Attached a screenshot of the page
  10. jrdnlc

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    No access to webui. I removed docker image and deleted app folder. Tried new install and same error
  11. jrdnlc

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    I can't access the webui either. No idea what caused it
  12. It was a script that was set to start upon boot. That was preventing the array to start. So what I did is made a script that will start the other script upon start of array
  13. I have this scheduled to start on array in background but it prevents my disks to start and stays at "Mounting Disk". Once I disabled it the array starts immediately. Should there be any changes to the script for the latest unraid version? I'm on 6.5.0 @Squid
  14. Server WEBUI was really slow yesterday so I rebooted it. Now It fails to start and is just stuck on "Mounting Disks" It was running for 50 days straight without any issues. I haven't changed anything other than update plugins (auto) Thanks in advance! EDIT: Solved
  15. jrdnlc

    Request: Homebridge

    @Dazza1 I'm glad you figued it out. Here is a website were you can view all available plugins