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  1. Rolling back to 1.3.15_18 fixed the issue. PS: In my case, it's secure enough - I only allow socks connections from that host. This is how I found out it broke
  2. Correct 2019-09-06 10:58:02.532672 [info] VPN_ENABLED defined as 'no' 2019-09-06 10:58:02.562400 [warn] !!IMPORTANT!! VPN IS SET TO DISABLED', YOU WILL NOT BE SECURE
  3. My VPN provider does not allow port forwarding, so Socks5 through them is the only option.
  4. Well... it kind of worked with the previous release. Now it doesn't even try to connect on 1080...
  5. Hi, It looks like the latest version of Deluge ignores the proxy settings. I've always had it set up with Socks5 auth to port 1080, and now it just totally ignores it. Is it a known issue?
  6. Updated no problem, clean syslog, server layout does work in this version
  7. Totally uneventful upgrade, thank you!
  8. It's actually quite the opposite - nothing changes when I stop all dockers. These writes stop only when I disable the docker engine altogether. That's what makes it so puzzling...
  9. So... umm... nobody knows?
  10. Hi guys, Just realized that the number of writes on my cache pool drives keeps on rising up even when there is no activity. So I stopped all my dockers - no change. Only if I disable docker, this strange behavior stops. Any ideas? Thank you
  11. Now I feel stupid for misreading the version number 😏
  12. I think he meant that the latest version of Dynamix Syststats does not run on this release version of unRaid 6.7.0 - it requires a RC1 or higher. I observed the same behavior.
  13. I managed to do secure erase instead following this guide
  14. Damn, and I always thought it was working 😕 Since I can't move it to another controller (Supermicro cage), is there another command to issue?
  15. It's connected to the same controller as the other SSD, and I'm seeing this in the syslog: root: /var/lib/docker: 6.8 GiB (7294545920 bytes) trimmed