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  1. I still have a doubt that is how it works. After reinstalling with the new template, I got another public IP from my provider, but the old one still shows as open on the same port. Several addresses "around" the one I got also show up as open...
  2. So... what's the safe way to delete or reinstall with the new template? I do know it came from the times I started using Deluge long time go.
  3. Shows "port is open". Does it mean it is correctly forwarded to my local Deluge, or it's just in a listening state by the VPN provider? Host Port 3 and Host Port 4 both contain the parameters for "Container Port: 58946" Container Variable: VPN_REMOTE and Container Variable: VPN_PORT - I cannot blank it out. I don't think it's needed for ovpn files. Thank you!
  4. Hi guys, I recently switched to the latest version of Deluge, and to the VPN. Everything seems to be working, albeit slow. Now I have more questions than ever before: 1. How to I check that the port forwarding works? 2. I assumed that I put the port number given to me by the VPN provider into the Deluge UI incoming port field, the one that had "58946" by default. Is it correct? 3. Do I need to punch any holes in my firewall to allow port forwarding over VPN to work? 4. The log file contains something strange: Fri Mar 6 09:23:11 2020 UDP link local: (not bound) Fri Mar 6 09:23:11 2020 UDP link remote: [AF_INET]n.n.n.160:1302 but Deluge UI shows my external IP as n.n.n.164 5. And finally, there are many parameters for the docker that either came from the old version, or duplicates (?). Which ones are required, and can I remove the rest? Thank you!
  5. Rolling back to 1.3.15_18 fixed the issue. PS: In my case, it's secure enough - I only allow socks connections from that host. This is how I found out it broke
  6. Correct 2019-09-06 10:58:02.532672 [info] VPN_ENABLED defined as 'no' 2019-09-06 10:58:02.562400 [warn] !!IMPORTANT!! VPN IS SET TO DISABLED', YOU WILL NOT BE SECURE
  7. My VPN provider does not allow port forwarding, so Socks5 through them is the only option.
  8. Well... it kind of worked with the previous release. Now it doesn't even try to connect on 1080...
  9. Hi, It looks like the latest version of Deluge ignores the proxy settings. I've always had it set up with Socks5 auth to port 1080, and now it just totally ignores it. Is it a known issue?
  10. Updated no problem, clean syslog, server layout does work in this version
  11. Totally uneventful upgrade, thank you!
  12. It's actually quite the opposite - nothing changes when I stop all dockers. These writes stop only when I disable the docker engine altogether. That's what makes it so puzzling...
  13. So... umm... nobody knows?
  14. Hi guys, Just realized that the number of writes on my cache pool drives keeps on rising up even when there is no activity. So I stopped all my dockers - no change. Only if I disable docker, this strange behavior stops. Any ideas? Thank you
  15. Now I feel stupid for misreading the version number 😏