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  1. import sys import time import json import urllib name = sys.argv[1] user_key = "user key goes here" app_token = "application token goes here" import http.client #Python 3 def pushover(): conn = http.client.HTTPSConnection("") conn.request("POST", "/1/messages.json", urllib.parse.urlencode({ "token": app_token, "user": user_key, "message": name + " has finished downloading", #"message": " has finished downloading", }), { "Content-type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" }) conn.getresponse() pushover() I had to twea
  2. I bet that was my problem. I input it verbatim how you had it in your original post. Made the change, I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Well, so far I've not received any alerts. Fairly certain I've got the path and and the "run external program" sorted out properly, but I think I might have this section wrong. What should the values for USER and TOKEN be (inside the quotes)? Right now, I have USER set with my pushover user token and TOKEN is set with my application api token I created.
  4. Thank you very much! I'm not much of a scripter at all and know nothing about python, this is hugely helpful.
  5. Has anyone been successful setting up notifications in qbit? I would like to receive a notification through the Pushover android app whenever a torrent is added but haven't been able to figure anything out yet.
  6. Thank you for the reply, as soon as the cables come in I'll get them swapped and update the firmware.
  7. Been having some issues with my server this past week. Got some UDMA CRC error messages on disk5 then it quickly disabled after that. I was able to successfully rebuild the data to that drive, then the same thing happened with disk2: udma crc errors then disk2 disabled. Only this time, the disk goes offline again as soon as I start the data rebuild process. The server has completed one data-read check, so I tried to rebuild existing disk2 again, but once more disk2 immediately disabled then paused a read-check. My assumption was the data cables are bad (they're pretty old at this point) but no
  8. I had that same issue, except after startup my calibre log was full of the timeout error messages. I resolved it by editing the calibre docker and removing the fields for GUAC_USER and GUAC_PASSWORD. Started up like a charm and I can get to the webui without issue.
  9. The culprit was in /etc/cron.d/root. Didn't even think to look there, not sure how I knew to put it there in the first place. Thanks @Squid.
  10. Some time ago I had created a cron job to run a simple file copy script to copy out material periodically to deliver to my parents. I've since removed the file, and I can't find any entries for it when editing my cron jobs with "crontab -e" but every minute or so I get these same three entries in the system log: Sep 25 23:11:01 Saidin crond[1730]: exit status 127 from user root /boot/custom/ Sep 25 23:11:02 Saidin sSMTP[29924]: Unable to locate Sep 25 23:11:02 Saidin sSMTP[29924]: Cannot open :0 It's not a big deal at all, my server functions just fine, but it's certa
  11. Clearly I didn't follow step 1 of troubleshooting: search the forums. Thanks for the link @wgstarks. From that link, it doesn't sound like that was the cause of the reboot, just an outdated plugin. I couldn't see anything in the logs that looked like a cause, so I'm assuming something funky with the wiring at my buddy's house.
  12. I manage an unraid server for a friend of mine, recently rebuilt from scratch on some new-to-him hardware. Everything's been fine for a few weeks, but overnight had an unexpected reboot. I got a notification the server started an unscheduled parity check approximately 1:30am CST, and when I checked on it around 6am, it had only been up for something like 5.5 hours. So it definitely rebooted. Normally I'd just attribute it to a small power blip, as he doesn't run it on a battery backup (his whole house is on a backup generator in the event of a true power outage) but I saw several errors in the
  13. I installed the plugin Community Applications on my server. It will add an "apps" tab to your main Unraid webpage. It's sort of like the iOS app store, or Google Play app store. Search/browse for the docker/plugin you want, and it automatically installs from there. You can download the plugin here: That's how I install all my dockers. I don't know how to add repos in manually.
  14. I can't remember off the top of my head how to clear logs, I think you can force an update on the docker and it'll wipe all the logs. To prevent it you can add this to the "extra parameters" field week you're editing the docker with the advanced settings button turned on. It will limit your max log size to 50 megabytes --log-opt max-size=50m
  15. It's been a bit since I've installed the docker, but it looks from your screenshot that you're missing some configuration options. Here's what mine looks like. "Host Path 2" is what shares I'm syncing. In my case I passed through /mnt because I'm syncing disk-to-disk between two Unraid systems. EDIT: I see you're actually using the Resilio from the limetech repository, I'm using Linuxserver's repo. Not sure what settings to use or not use on the Limetech version.