unRAID Server release 4.0-beta7 available

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unRAID Server 4.0-beta7 Release Notes

Upgrade Instructions

If you are currently running unRAID Server 4.0-beta1 or higher, it is only necessary to copy the files:
from the new release to the root of your Flash device.  This can be done either by plugging the Flash into your PC or, but copying the files to the 'flash' share on your running server.  The server must then be rebooted.

If you are currently running unRAID Server 3.0-beta1 or higher, please follow these steps to upgrade:

1. Referring to the System Management Utility 'Main' page, make a note of each disks's model/serial number; you will need this information later.

2. Shut down your server, remove the Flash and plug it into your PC.

3. Right-click your Flash device listed under My Computer and select Properties.  Make sure the volume label is set to "UNRAID" (without the quotes) and click OK.  You do NOT need to format the Flash.

4. Copy the files:
from the new release to the root of your Flash device.

5. Right-click your Flash device listed under My Computer and select Eject.  Remove the Flash, install in your server and power-up.

6. After your server has booted up, the System Management Utility 'Main' page will probably show no devices; this is OK, navigate to the 'Devices' page. Using the model/serial number information gathered in step 1, assign each of your hard drives to the correct disk slot.

7. Go back to the 'Main' page and your devices should appear correctly.  You may now Start the array.

If you are installing this release to a new Flash, please refer to instructions on our website at:


Changes from 4.0-beta6 to 4.0-beta7

Bug fix: remove "native" r8169 Realtek driver which conflicts with manufacturer's r1000 driver added in -beta6.

Bug fix: correct problem where formatted disks may appear 'unformatted' when array is started.

Changes from 4.0-beta5 to 4.0-beta6

Improvement: added Realtek RTL8111B/RTL8168B/RTL8111/RTL8168/RTL8111C driver version 1.05.

Changes from 4.0-beta4 to 4.0-beta5

Improvement: installed the 'at' command and associated 'atd' daemon (execute commands at a specified time and date).

Bug fix: added patch to eliminate "atkbd.c: spurious ACK on isa0060/serio0..." messages.

Bug fix: restored 'find' command inadvertantly removed in -beta3.

Bug fix: added 'stop' command present in pre-4.0 releases.

Changes from 4.0-beta3 to 4.0-beta4

Added Attansic L1 GigE driver version 2.0.7.

Changes from 4.0-beta2 to 4.0-beta3

Improvement: upgrade Samba to 3.0.24.  This release of Samba includes better support for Vista.

Improvement: upgrade Intel Pro/1000 driver to latest release (7.4.27).

Improvement: replace "stock" Marvell driver with newer skge/sky2 drivers.

Changes from 4.0-beta1 to 4.0-beta2

Improvement: added more network drivers:
    D-Link DL2000-based GigE adaptors (eg, DGE-550T)
    National Semiconductor DP83820 series (eg, D-Link DGE-500T)
    SIS 190/191
    VIA "Velocity"

Improvement: added floppy support.

Bug fix: the GUID formation for some Flash models is not generated correctly.

Bug fix: array would not start if disabled disk was not physically present.

Changes from 3.1-beta2 to 4.0-beta1

Improvement: move to linux 2.6.20 kernel.  The linux 2.6 kernel offers several advantages over linux 2.4 kernel used in previous unRAID Server releases:
  - better hardware compatibility, especially with newer hardware
  - many enhancements and bug fixes in the disk i/o code
  - more opportunities for performance tuning

Improvement: permit custom timezone.  You can select the appropriate timezone file from our website and then download to the 'config' directory on your Flash.  The main purpose of this feature is to implement proper Daylight Savings Time adjustments.

Improvement: support up to 14 hard drives.

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