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Advice needed regarding unreliable SSD cache drive


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I have a 60 GByte SSD cache drive installed in my box (I'm running the latest version of unRAID).  I have the Dynamix sleep plugin installed and that appears to work reasonably well, so the machine isn't even running 24/7.  However, every few days the box gets into an unusable state and the symptom is always that it can no longer find the SSD cache drive.  If I power down and leave it off for a few hours before restarting, things come back to life as expected, including the SSD.  The SSD is in a well ventilated location in the case.  I'm not sure why this should be happening.


* Is there any way of checking the "health" of an SSD?


* If the SSD is faulty and needs replacing, what do I need to do to copy the data on it to its replacement?


Advice in words of one syllable would be much appreciated!

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Okay, I can now post "before" and "after" diagnostics illustrating the kind of problem that keeps recurring.


The "not quite right" file has the server with the array running and, this time, the SSD cache drive present and recognised, but no docker apps, which means no Plex, which is a big problem here.


Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

tower-diagnostics-20170419-2315 Working.zip

tower-diagnostics-20170501-2000 - not quite right.zip

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