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Web GUI stopped, need help shutting down server


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Sorry for the re-post, I originally posted this with the plugin support, but this issue is not really a problem with the script.  


I wanted to clear a drive to remove from my array, a 2 TB WD green, using the clear_an_array_drive script.  I was unsure if I wanted to run it from the plug-in or command line.  I originally started it from the plug-in, but it appeared to be moving very slowly...  I cancelled it, and then started it from the command line in a screen.  It did not seem to be any quicker, so I changed my mind once again, and wanted to stop the script in the screen, and just remove the drive and rebuild parity.


I was unsure of how to close the script from within screen, and wrongly assumed if I killed the screen, the script would stop.


I went to power down the server, to remove the drive, and the GUI froze after stopping some services, but the system never powered down.


The screen I started the script in is now gone, killed.  I am no longer able to access the web GUI, although UnMenu is still working, and shows activity still going.  I can see the write number increasing for both the drive I am removing, and the parity drive ~ 2,050,000,000,000.  Additionally, I see the read number increasing for all other drives in the array.  (reconstruct write was turned on), and all my shares are still available.


I started all of this approximately a week and a half ago.


I was planning to just let things run, and thought the script might complete itself, and the system might just power itself down after.  Although, the writes to the 2TB drive have now surpassed 2TB, and I am starting to think it is just going to keep going until I get things stopped.


Any help getting things stopped is appreciated.


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3 minutes ago, Turbobuickguy said:

I attempted to use the "powerdown" command when this all started, is "shutdown" different?

I understand that  shutdown   has replaced   powerdown     in recent versions.   As I recall, the unRAID powerdown was a plugin written by one of the contributors and shutdown is provided as a component of unRAID.   (The powerdown that you ran may have a part of the Linux distribution.  This whole thing has gotten very confusing with the change in names of commands/scripts.) 

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If no one else has a idea, try to get another diagnostics file before applying the killer.   You can do this from the command line with   diagnostics   as the command. 


I am no expert on reading syslogs and not an expert on what I am going to say but the entry in the syslog is for sshd which has been a issue for several other folks.  I believe there is a propose 'fix' for it.  I am making this observation in hopes that someone more familiar with the problem will jump in at this point.   


You might not even have a parity check on startup as shutdown has been started (at the end of syslog1.txt).  Obviously, it never finished...

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