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Seperate shares with seperate nics


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Hi, just recently purchased unraid. Our IT-department love it.
However, we would like to know if it is possible to dedicate a NIC to a specific share?

We have one share(main backup) that is on a specific 10gb network that is seperate from everything else so that we get no unwanted intruders and such.
But we would like a share that is on a different network, and that specific share would be reachable by everyone in our network, protected with password. (No critical stuff, just a misc backup place)
Is it possible to seperate the shares with the nics?

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As far as I know what you want to do is impossible.  I seen to recall that you can do the opposite---  isolate two networks using two NIC's so the computers on one network can't see the computers on the other network  BUT  all computers still have access to ALL of the resources on the server.  Of course, it is still possible to to restrict access to individual shares by setting up user groups, passwords, etc. 


But think in the bigger picture for a moment.  You are setting up the server to prevent any intrusion on that server by using physical isolation of that separate 10gb network .  Why would you want to provide a potential backdoor by have a second NIC on an (relatively) unsecured network that defeats that goal? 


From a cost of security standpoint (think what the cost would be if an intrusion were to be made thorough that second NIC...) and peace of mind, just built a second server.  The costs are not that  high and the amount of time saved in trying to setup a single server to do the job of two servers would probably pay for the second one.

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