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sd card failure, presales purchase issues


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I have two presales of my second UNRAID SERVER license purchase questions / problems I'm trying t solve.  it took me 20 of my first 30 days to discover that with windows 10 I needed to use FIREFOX to get the CSS to work properly to get the download / add button to even show up, ok  but that's not an issue of the two that I'm dealing with at the moment.   I have next to Zero knowledge (I know, I know) but I'm picking up a lot from osmosis from just reading through the wiki and the forums to answer questions. 


While in the processing of moving data to the UNRAID server "cube" from one drive to another the USB Key unbeknownst to me is reporting as Failed.  I'm also on my last day of my 30 day trial.

I'll throw away the New usb key.  No Problem?  I have another.  Now, seeing I just transferred over the network 12TB of information over cat5, then  days from drive to drive,  If I just start over with a new key, do I have to re-transfer the data?   I live on disability, I would like to start over with a fresh key, Fresh trial, perhaps with an extension, so I can see if once I get my data transferred to the "cube" if I can DJ off it in automatedly and live which I was doing off the drobo which for various reasons was a failed experiment.


I'll wait until I get a solution or two from the higher ups at LimeTech before I make my decision.






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35 minutes ago, TinkerToyTech said:

If I just start over with a new key, do I have to re-transfer the data?

No, the data is on the drives you transferred it to.  Contact Limetech, they will probably give you a 30 day extension to the trial.

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