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Help with Shares - Mac OS


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I've been struggling for a while to optimize my shares setup with a Mac OS client  (I have windows and linux clients too, but mostly use Mac OS), and need some help.


If I use SMB with "Enhanced OS X interoperability", I can connect fine and it works mostly ok, but I get all sorts of errors when I attempt to use `git` while connected like


`error: unable to write sha1 filename .git/objects/65/551a27304525fe2635976fbe7898db1f6c300d: Operation not permitted`


If I use SMB with "Enhanced OS X interoperability" disabled, everything works, but any file or terminal operations (including `ls`) are painfully slow, to the point its unusable (several plus seconds).


I have attempted to use NFS, but can't figure out how to connect.  I believe this may be because of UID mismatch.  Is there a way to create a user with a specific UID in unraid?  What would be the NFS path I connect to?  nfs://<unraid ip>/share_name?


How do you have shares setup with Mac OS?  How can I make this usable?  I can live without access from windows clients if need be.

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I have used SMB with the enhanced OS X interoperability option which works well with newer releases (Yosemite, onwards) of macOS but I also have several older Macs that can't run those versions so I use AFP instead. The main weakness of using AFP with unRAID is the netatalk database, which by default is kept in the root of each share (in the .AppleDB folder). By moving this off the array and onto my cache pool I have improved both speed and reliability of AFP. To do this, first make sure the share is dismounted on all Macs, then in the unRAID webGUI click Shares. Then click the share name and scroll down to AFP Security Settings and change the volume dbpath to somewhere on your cache pool (I use /mnt/user/system/AppleDB), then Apply the change. When you next mount the share using the AFP protocol there will be a delay as the database is migrated to the new path. A new folder, named for the share will be created at the new location and the database folder .AppleDB created within that (e.g. /mnt/user/system/AppleDB/share-name/.AppleDB). I hope this helps - it works for me.

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