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I've had this happen a few times in the past few months and it's now frustrating enough to reach out about it. Occasionally I find that I can no longer access the server web interface or the shares to my server. Plex for instance becomes no longer functional as well. I can also no longer cleanly shut down the server.


The login for the web interface will pop up and I try to log in but the actual WebUI itself will never load. I can connect to my VM's and they're functioning fine other than their ability to connect to their shares. As mentioned Plex no longer works. The shares are no longer connectable and neither is the flash. I can however connect via Putty.


I did a little exploration within midnight commander during one of the freezes a while back. I can usually access all drives directly (not the shares themselves) except for one rogue disk during whatever this event is. This time it was disk Z4D22HWK but I'm pretty sure in the past it's been a different disk, W501BSFF or WXL1H641J5RY (pretty sure it's the first one). If I try to access one of these culprit disks, the entire session of Putty will freeze.


I have uploaded a syslog and hoping someone can figure out what is happening. It's very sporadic and I haven't noticed a pattern to it happening... it seems random. This is unraid 6.3.5 and if you need a list of my hardware I'll be able to provide later.




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Didn't even think of that, thank you for the suggestion. I bought a new drive anyway so I'll drop it in, format as XFS, move data over, format other drive and so on. Gonna be a pain in the ass but easy enough to accomplish since I have an empty drive to work with.


Thanks again!

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If you prefer, you could limit all writes to the new xfs disk, this should confirm if reiser is the problem since it usually doesn't happen if it's used read only, if it helps then convert the remaining disks, though like I said above, IMO you should convert anyway, either way please post an update when you know the result.

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As I had mentioned, after this morning's freeze, I'm 90% sure this is a totally different disk from what I had experienced previously. I'm going to go with the scorched earth policy and just move my data and convert all the disks. Shouldn't take "too" long, and you're right, I should do it anyway (not knocking it, treated us fairly well over the years).

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Well almost one month later, and one drive failure, I've finally migrated all my drives over to XFS (52TB's of data across 13 drives). I can safely say since I started the move, I have not had a single hard lock up like previously. The future will be the real test though since I was constantly stopping the array etc. to change the drives over after moving their data off.


Thanks for the help. Hopefully it works. 

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