ASRock Z87 Extreme6 needs a Video Card

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I dropped a Xeon E3-1225 onto my New to me ASRock Z87 Extreme 6, I'm getting a 99 on the digital readout from the Mother Board which is saying to re-seat the VGA Card, which I was planning on using the on board video the Mother Board is complaining that there is no video. I'm guessing its because with this particular Mother Board/Processor setup its not liking the Lack of Video Card support from the Processor, but I thought my particular Xeon had Video Support. :o 


Does anybody have a Video Card recommendation? I'm trying to keep my system kinda quite and haven't dropped into using VMS's. I just use Dockers and a few Plugins. I might have one laying around the house so I can simply boot this thing up and do some testing. 


However I'm always open to new ideas and I'm interested in the idea of Transcoding via Hardware, which I can only assumes a decent Video Card from Plex. 





Threw in a Low Quality PCI-E Card and it booted right up straight into the BIOS and then I tinkered and then it loaded up unRAID just fine. Just have to box it up and hook up all the drives. I still want to consider if I should even bother with a Decent Video Card to run anything other than a few Dockers and Plugins thou. 

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1 hour ago, s_mason16 said:

according to this intel ark spec sheet your xeon does have an igpu. maybe in your motherboard there is a setting that needs to be toggled to enable it, also check the motherboards most recent bios version and maybe some others. 


Thanks. I didn't think of that honestly. I'll attempt to take another trip through the  Bios. I did drop in a cheap VGA card with a fan on it, but I was trying to avoid noisy fans spinning and things in the case I simply don't need. 


This does shed some light on the problem. DOH!!!!! Lol I need to take a looksee at the BIOS some. Of course that means I would of had to use a Card just to get into the BIOS, then remove the card. How silly, but hey whatever huh. :D


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