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  1. I have ran unraid for over a year no major issues on a dual x5650 system. Today I upgraded to the popular Gigabyte GA-7pesh2 and dual e5-2670 v2. Using same ram that never gave me an issue before. I didn't do anything special before the swap and i tested the system on the table first and then installed in a 24bay SM 4u chassis. I then just put my unraid flash drive in and everything seemed fine until about 10 minutes. and the system keeps crashing/timing out and then rebooting. I was on 6.6.0rc4 and upgraded to 6.6.6 just incase after the upgrade. no change in behavior. Watching the temps of t
  2. So i did a fresh install and used xfs for my single cashe setup, based on squids reccomendation. Am slowly installing all my dockers and plugins. Get plex started and it has the metadata downloaded. But my cache drive says its only using 2gigs. With xfs does the docker image and appdata no longer live on the cache and moves to the array? Before having issues i was at about 80gigs used after invoking the mover. Im not opposed to having the full docker image move to the array when not in use, but for the sake of performance are my plex clients going to notice the hit loading metadata and normal
  3. thank you for looking through that. That's what fcp was telling me. tbh on nearly the best case im just hoping it was an ssd failure. because then just a replacement ssd and at this point ill probably just start with a fresh install either way. (poor sonarr/radarr/sabnzb settings wahh). but that doesn't exactly explain the smart test 199 crc error on drive 0 and 1. but if its not the ssd then it's a long track down the issue game. or a malfunction with a different hardware piece. or if it was just a software/os error, the fresh install will resolve it, but will my configuration just make i
  4. my bad, thought that's what logs was, air head moment. unraid-m-diagnostics-20180316-2316.zip
  5. I have this and I have internet access, and the server has two cables running to it. both showing activity. is there a way to fix the drive issue?
  6. Yesterday(march 15), I was remot'ing in because I had a request to download a TV show. Get in no problem everything seems normal go to dockers and launch sonarr webui. it was having a problem load the show's data at first but its not a popular show so i thought maybe it just wasn't uploaded. click to add series and go to download s1, it's still having issues loading show info. won't dl shows. I get out and everything is weird. try to restart the docker and get a execution fail. other stuff is odd, so I run CA fix common problems, it says something is full and that's some error logging should b
  7. ohh so are you not actually selling the case, just the fan and accessories?
  8. when you say you turned it into a hot swap case what do you mean(like added a backplane)? also do you have pictures of it assembled. I know the case, but not with the mods you have done. and if you wouldn't mind just listing your zip code so I can get an idea at shipping costs. Thanks in advance.
  9. yes to windows 10, but i don't think it's the fall update that did it, because I had the update before i started really using my unraid machine and it was working a month ago and I did the 6.4 upgrade about 3 weeks ago. edit, but hey what do you know, smb1 was enabled. so i disabled it and re-enabled it and it's showing it again. Thanks Hoopster
  10. it just kind of happened. I'm guessing after 6.4 update maybe. but the unraid system doesn't show up in network attached computers in windows. I can still access it with it's ip but i don't have a friendly icon to click on. I made sure smb sharing was on and that they are on the same workgroup. also that on the windows pc that network discovery and sharing are turned on. any ideas?
  11. just used a very strong press wash the cm logo came off in a few swipes. then printed on a clear vinyl. big enough to cover the entire silver plate..laid it over and pressed down just enough it wouldn't slide then used a razer blade and cut off the extra and then pressed as many air bubbles as i could out.
  12. I used this logo on a drive cage. Hope that's fine. It's my favorite of the submitted logo ideas so far. Here it is.
  13. Got it! and removed that awful uncentered CM logo and added this and blew out and cleaned it.. Thanks a lot for an awesome sale and transaction! Can't wait to install it. PS.. to any other buyers tdallen is a treat to do business with.
  14. From what i've seen the archive drives are slow af. so on paper and parity checks you would see a nice bump in speed. but besides the parity check (which is dependent of read speed) i bet less than often would you notice the performance improvement yourself in real world tasks. Edit, and if youre using an ssd for cache you should never be waiting for data to be written to your drives, just the cache. which would be 2 to 3 times faster than the ironwolf drives.
  15. tdallen, I'll buy it and at your asking price. this will be perfect for me till i can get my hands on a nice rackmount chassis.