Parity drive about to be re-installed - should I clear???

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I bumped up my parity to a larger drive.  Installed it and rebuilt parity.


Then I decided to convert all drives to xfs from Reiserfs.  I decided to remove my parity drive since I had all files backed up on a second set of drives. It halved the copy process, thank goodness.  


Should I zero out the larger parity drive before I re-install it to get a 'clean' rebuild?  Can I do this through the preclear plugin?  Not run preclear but set it to write all zeroes (I know the drive is good) to speed the clearing process of the drive?


Thank you for all the help, so far.  Almost there!

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As I recall, the installation of a new parity drive will force a parity rebuilt which takes about a long as a parity check.  The new parity drive is not cleared -- (i.e., the drive is not zeroed).  If you are positive that the new parity drive is good, there is no reason to preclear it. 

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