6.4.1 warning: CRC error count on 2 drives


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I just upgraded to 6.4.1 and on my main dashboard I'm seeing warnings regarding a couple of drives and their SMART status


The warning is UDMA CRC error count: 1 and CRC error count (no UDMA): 1


Can anyone explain what these errors mean, whether theyre serious, and what can be done about them?





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On 1/17/2018 at 4:38 AM, ljm42 said:

Starting wth 6.4.1, unRAID now monitors SMART attribute 199 (UDMA CRC errors) for you.  If you get an alert about this right after upgrading, you can just acknowledge it, as the error probably happened in the past.  If you get an alert down the road, it is likely due to a loose SATA cable. Reseat both ends, or replace if needed. (see this)



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