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Any Docker/Letsencrypt/DB guide?

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Hi Guys,


i just want to ask if ther eis an full Nextcloud/Letsencrypt/DB guide? I am searching now for over 2 weeks and rly still not working for me ;(.



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Hello Hawihoney,


Thank you for your reply i found both guides but i wans't able to bring them in an overall working solution, i will test this once more a few times.


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Posting a comprehensive post of what difficulties you're having and using the relevant support threads may be more helpful.

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Hello Folks,


thank you for the two links, i tried it a few more time and found the particular issue:



First for some reason CREATE USER 'chbmb' IDENTIFIED by 'password'; was not working instead i had to write the "BY" case sensitve  so the guide is wrong in this part I assume?


And the last part of the problem was my lack of undertanding the nextcloud and letsencrypt config file, now its more clear :)

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I copied this sentence with drag&drop into my console only changing the username and password manually. It worked.


This was one of the problems I had with mysql/mariadb when I did my first steps with these database systems. mysql/mariadb statements are completely case insensitive - even the contents of statements.


After 20 years with IBMs DB2 I had to accept that mariadb/mysql are case insensitive.


So: No! Your assumption is wrong.


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