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*RESOLVED* X79/3970x IOMMU disabled

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Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth X79

UEFI Version: 4801(newest)


CPU: 3970x (fwiw, I get same issue on same mobo with a 3930k).


Unraid: 6.5


I'm enabling virtualization technology in CPU options in the motherboard, I made sure to clear CMOS after the bios update, and I even tried something suggested in the forums when I searched, editing the syslinux.cfg to force  it with: 

iommu=pt iommu=1


To no avail, searched best I could but I just can't seem to get IOMMU enabled in unraid , on this setup. Any suggestions/help? I feel totally stuck at this point.

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@Squid Thanks for the reply, even though the issue wasn't what you mentioned, the thread you linked WAS incredibly useful.


It ended up being a mix of several things all covered by that thread and by what I mentioned above, but I got it working.


So thank you for leading me down the right path.



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