Driver for Microsemi (Adaptec) HBA-1100 series

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I bought a new Adaptec HBA controller from the HBA-1100 series. This controller uses a different driver as my existing HBA-1000 series controller. ?


Would be nice to have it included in a future release of unRAID, at the moment the controller is passively waiting for disks to attach...

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Hi all!


Been using unRAID for a little while now and am mostly happy with it despite a few quirks but think it's a great idea overall.


I am now in the process of upgrading to handle more devices, so also bought one of these 1100 16i cards as i thought it may work being only an HBA card natively and not a Raid card, but sadly no luck straight out of the box


The card is listed as a device under the 'tools/system devices' menu but no devices attached to it show up in the unnassigned devices list or anywhere else.


Any progress on this issue? Is there going to be by Limetech? Can we roll our own driver into unRAID as Adaptec does have some linux drivers available for this card?


Any help greatly appreciated as these cards are not cheap so would like to get it to work rather than use it as an expensive paper weight.


Thanks guys.


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Hi Everyone,


I just bought the microsemi HBA 1100-24i. The card seems to be working drive wise. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to spin down the drives with this card. If I set UnRaid to spin down the drives it will not. If I manually spin down the array, in about 3-5 mins they spin back up. Does anyone else have this problem and were you able to solve it?


Thank you all for your help and time. Sorry for posting on an older thread but it seemed to be part of this group.

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