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  1. I currently don't have the link to where I read that. But I believe it was in a forum post. But I have already deleted the nerd pack and will restart my box, also will be upgrading to 6.8.2. Just waiting for Pre-Clear to finish up on a drive. Will most definitely watch what I install and will keep an eye on my log to see if it goes up again. If I have any further problems I will remember to start a new thread in the future. Thanks again for your time and help on this. I really appreciate it.
  2. Yes, I read somewhere that nerd pack would help me with the system's stability. But I will go ahead and delete the entire nerd pack and restart my system to clear everything. I apologize if I posted in the wrong thread. Thank you for your help on this.
  3. Hello, I am having a similar problem with my log filling up. It has taken about 15 days to get to this point and I am starting to get a little worried. I have posted my diagnostics to this post in hopes of some assistance. I have uninstalled atop after reading the above post, just in case that would help me as well. Thank you for your help on this. extraodinary-diagnostics-20200202-1941.zip
  4. So I restarted UnRaid from the main menu. Everything came back up. I have started the parity check. By making sure that the box was checked to repair. It has found 5 errors again, hoping that this time it will repair itself from the unclean shutdowns due to the transferring from the old case to its new home. I will update you once I have completed the parity check and have ran another one to insure that it did repair itself. Thank you again for all your help and input to solve this.
  5. So what I mean by stopping the array, by stopping the array from the Main menu and by pushing the button to stop the array. That's what used to stop the array and than pushed the same button to start the array again. When I did that it started the parity check without me having the system do this (it did this on its own). So it has seven hours left until its finished this parity check and has found 5 errors. I have the box checked to fix errors during the parity check. I check that box when I first started with UnRaid and have left it checked. Also that box was checked the first time it did the parity check. I hope this information helps. Thank you all for the help on this. I really appreciate it.
  6. Ok. Yes I did add my 12tb later to array. Thank you for the clarification on that. I feel better now. I thought I screwed something up. I do have the tendency to do that. Thanks again.
  7. Hello, I seem to have the same issue here. I stopped my array to make a change and started the array back up and a parity check began. I recently just ran a parity check yesterday and it decided to do it again. It did find 5 errors in yesterdays check. I was going to do it again due to the fact that it found the 5 errors. But UnRaid did it for me. Just not sure if this is a bug or for my protection. I have attached the diagnostics to this post for your help on the matter. I did just transfer all my components into a new home. Had a couple of issues on the reboot but I thought I did a pretty good move. I am currently running 6.8.0. Thanks in advance for your help and input on this. extraodinary-diagnostics-20200102-1846.zip
  8. So I love UnRaid and how easy it was to get going and start learning about this OS. Still learning things everyday. The one thing I would like to see happen with UnRaid is to have some support for different configurations and faster transfer rates. But also want to thank everyone for there handwork on this and to the community for the support given to us newbies.
  9. Yes, Please feel free to post it in the appropriate sub forum, that you see fit. I apologize about not putting it in the correct location. I have attached my diagnostics to this post. If you have time to look them over and let me know your thoughts on it. Again, I don't want to take to much of your time, I know its valuable. But I will be adding 4 more drives soon. 2@ 14tb and 2 @ 12tb, so I know people have different thoughts on running dual parity, what are your thoughts with me adding these drives, should I add one as a parity to my array. Thank you and Happy Holidays. extraodinary-diagnostics-20191225-1041.zip
  10. Hello everyone, I am currently using High water as well. But I am having a little issue with this setting currently. I have a 8tb hard drive and it only filled it to 2tb and not to the 4tb like it should. So I am thinking of switching the setting to almost full. My next question is will it go back to the other drives and start filling up those drives that are only 1/2 full? I have 8 @ 8tb hard drives and one 1 @ 10tb and 1 @ 12tb with a 14tb parity disk. My 8tb drives are first than the 10tb and than the last drive in the array is the 12tb. Happy Holidays and thank you for the input.
  11. Sorry about that. I will try and never do that again.
  12. So i have a question. I am screwing up some how on the plex script. I wanted to see if anyone had an idea on how to fix this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. I it was working perfect in the unraid rc8 and i had problems with the update and had to go backwards to 6.6.7 and now I am getting this.
  13. Ok, Thank you for taking a look at it for me. I will do what you recommended and run it without and see what happens. By the way, you guys do amazing work. Thank you.
  14. Here is my plex docker setup, which I think its ok.
  15. yes, I am using this script for transcoding which worked when I was on rc8. But since the downgrade, which i think is giveing me this problem.