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Setting unassigned device


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Hi I have an old 500gb I've installed and precleared as was going to use within array but have decided I want to use it for transmission with it as unassigned device. I can't see an option to mount it now as I've pre cleared it. Is it possible to mount or do I have to remove it format it then reattach it. 

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After a preclear it needs to be partitioned and formatted before it can be mounted.  You need to enable the “Destructive Mode” option within Settings->Unassigned Devices, and then you will find that you can do this from the Unassigned Devices area of the Main Tab.

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I have a similar issue, 8TB USB 3.0 drive.

It shows in Unassigned Devices as sdb and spun down, clicking Spin Up does nothing.

It is currently formatted as NTFS; been trying differing backup strategies.

So at this point I can do nothing with it.

I have no options for Unassigned Devices in the Settings or Tools Menu as mentioned above.



Thanks for any ideas...

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