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  1. Hello all... Is there any way to add a 3rd folder to get stats on, I have an Animation folder in addition to my Movies and TV Shows. Would be helpful if there was a way or maybe make this a feature request...? Thanks for any help you can provide, Will
  2. Have a large drive that has issues and needs replaced. Curious if anyone has a per terabyte time for drive rebuilds. Or in this case an 8tb drive. Thanks for your help 😁
  3. Thanks for help, figured I would have to do the Reconfig, was just hoping for a loophole...
  4. SMART errors, and the drives were refurb's - have a few others that have worked for years but apparently these did not. I moved the drives around in the cage to 3 different slots, no luck. After the error unRaid would kick the drive back to the unassigned devices location and show error/unmountable. So if you ever have an urge to buy from Water Panther, be cautious. I'm sure they are just a labeler, but who knows where they get their drives. Will stick with HGST & Seagate.
  5. I had a 14TB drive (new, no data, just formatted and mounted) go bad and removed from system for refund. I would like to replace it with a 10TB drive I have, but I notice the manual says not to go smaller. I did not know in this case if it would matter as the drive did not store data? Thanks....
  6. Was wondering if anyone did a summary of the do's and esp. the dont's of upgrading to 6.9.x as has been done in the past. Bad plugins, unsupported HW now, etc.... Thanks...
  7. I have a similar issue when I read the help clip. I assigned a SSD (mistakenly) as a data drive and now need to remove it, thus leaving the slot open for a future drive. I assume same process applies, unassign the drive, do the New Config and Preserve option? Then rerun parity? Is a restart needed, or other steps? Will shares and data remain intact?
  8. Has any official documentation been released for pools. Lot of experimenting but no "rules" that I can find. Is the unRaid parity drive at all limiting the size of the individual drives in pools, etc..? Or are pools totally independent from the array?
  9. I have built a new server and before I get to far in the configuration... I was wanting to get the new one configured while keeping my old server online (that has the valid USB key), and then just copy the temp USB (new server) over to the current registered one (over-writing the old config) and apply the license key in the GUI. Is this a valid way to go...?
  10. Even after taking that into account and making the change, unraid clock still lost 2 hours overnight. Will verify the BIOS clock again with a reboot and set the unraid clock 1 more time. I've seen a few of these issues on the board and never a resolution.
  11. I have a 2 fold issue that I thought was issue 1 causing issue 2... My clock in Unraid will not stay sync'd with the current time, I have tried setting it manually and using available NTP servers, nothing works. I did have to replace the mainboard battery and the clock in the BIOS is current as of my last reboot. My 2nd issue is that I cannot update successfully from 6.6.7 to 6.7.2 When I did the first time the system ran for 12 hours and then locked up. I had to do a hard shutdown and when it cam back up it lasted 30 mins and locked up again. Nothing works not even from the console on the server. I restated a 3rd time, in SAFE mode, and still same issue, locks up after 30 mins. I rolled back to 6.6.7 and the server runs fine, other than the time issue. I am attaching Diagnostics from 667, have not tried to pull them on 672. I see the time error listed in the logs but not much else, hoping a 2nd pair of eyes may catch something. Thanks... unraid1-diagnostics-20191212-0318.zip
  12. I am working with Emby Support on an issue with the Docker app, so I assumed the path they asked me to look into should be relative to the docker (makes sense after the above clarification). Thanks Guys...
  13. Can someone point me to a resource that shows the directory structure for the server and what is where. Try'd using Krusader but it just make things more confusing. Would appreciate any help/"roadmap"... thanks.