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Is copy speed to slow?


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I have a chassis with a expander backplane it's connected to a LSI 9207-8i (dual link). All drives are 10TB Ironwolf's. If I copy a file from one disk to another via the terminal with mc my speeds are avg 110MB/sec (/mnt/disk1/movies --> /mnt/disk2/movies). I have no parity drive installed at the moment. I have feeling that this is to slow but I'm not sure. Please some help from a expert.

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32 minutes ago, itimpi said:

That sounds like a perfectly normal speed for copying disks!   Not sure why you think it should be faster!


110MB/sec is network speed on a gigabit network. Sata 600 is much faster. It's faster as the HDD. I copy a large file from HDD to HDD. If I'm correct the 10TB Ironwolf's do read (sequentieel) 210MB/sec I'm not sure what they do when writing. That is why I'm asking.


25 minutes ago, glennv said:

Sounds slow if you have no parity. My ironwolf 6TB drives do 150mbps easily and consistently.


If I'm correct 100 -110MB/sec with parity drive is normal. True?

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 08.58.44.png

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I tested copying files from hdd to hdd  witch are mounted with Unassigned Devices and I can say these copy speeds are faster. The speeds are around 200Mb/sec. So I suspect that the array thinks that there still is a parity drive and that is the reason why I see speeds of around 100Mb/sec coping from hdd to hdd witch are mounted to the array. So to be clear there was a parity drive some time ago but not at the moment but the copy speed of the array from hdd to hdd are still around 100Mb/sec. Not sure if this is normal behaviour or a bug...

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7 hours ago, MvL said:

So I suspect that the array thinks that there still is a parity drive

That's impossible, either there is parity or there isn't, though the disks being part of the array might have an effect on performance, due to different settings and/or other options made my LT in the way they mount or operate..

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