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Paragon Linux File systems for Windows


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I have just noticed that Paragon software have extended their Linux file system support on Windows to include read-only handling of XFS and BTRFS format disks (in addition to the EXT2/3/4 read/write support they have had for ages) which is potentially of great interest to unRAID users.    The software is not free but is very modestly priced so not really a big issue to consider purchasing it.   However when I install the software and try and access a XFS disk from my unEAID system on my Windows 10 setup:

  • The drive is assigned a letter in Windows Explorer  :) 
  • When I open up the drive in Windows Explorer I can see the top level folders that correspond to the User Shares  :) .  This is good as the software has recognised the XFS format disk as being present and managed to retrieve the top level format information.
  • When I try to open up one of these folders I get an error message indicating that the disk format is not recognised :(  .   This is strange as the disk has just been recognised as a XFS format disk and successfully read in the previous step.

i was wondering if any other unRAID users have successfully used their this software with a disk from their unRAID system.   If it can be made to work reliably this software could be of great interest in data recovery scenarios, or when moving data between unRAID systems.


I have used Paragon drivers in the past to access Mac Disks and Linux (ext3 format) on my Windows system with great success so am hoping the XFS and BTRFS support can be made to work as well.    I do not use BTRFS format drives anywhere in my system so cannot comment on whether this software works with such drives from an unRAID system.


i have just raised a support request with Paragon to see what they say about this.    I believe the XFS and BTRFS support is new so maybe there are still some teething issues to resolve?   I will provide an update if anything useful is mentioned as a result of this support request.


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Personally I have never “trusted’’ this paragon software. This does not mean it’s not reliable. You can install Ubuntu in a thumb drive and boot from it. If you have both win and the XP’s/btrfs drives inside computer, you can read and copy both drives.


personally I use PartedMagic on thumb drive for all types operations such as this. Also for cloning drives, repartition and format drives, repair/analize bad drives. It’s my multipurpose tool for all these things.

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