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Missing files from the array


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I am convinced I have media files missing from the array at times. I will every now and again look for a film on plex that I am positive I have in my library to not find it, with it also not being in the share directory.


My plan is script a log of all files on that share regularly and check them to see if this is the case.


There are no drive errors, parity errors, power failures etc so I have either reached that age in life where my memory is failing or it is really happening.


Has anyone else come across this or has another suggestion on how to monitor it?


For info, all drives are xfs and only I have access to the server for write permissions.

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I have experienced the same behaviour


I mainly use this NAS for cold storage:

- movies

- tvseries

- documentaries

- ...

- personnal data

- family photos

- family videos


Those are stuff we access once in a while, not regularly accessed files.

So there is always a doubt about having stored a file or not.

But where lies my certainty is where I have stored a file in a directory of the same name, as I usually do for movies.

Once again, I can find the directory, no file inside.


I just happened to have completed a parity check, with 1 error.


I don't know what the error is, I doubt it is this file.


It is not the first time I suspect the system losing file.

I am sadly pleased to know you experienced the same thing.


I also have my system in XFS and a dozen of shares with read/write access.

I mainly write through windows 10 and sometime with the NMJ popcorn library software.

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Likewise, I'm was glad no-one replied until now!

I have taken a snapshot of files and directory listing and am going to do a check in 2 weeks to see if it is me or unRAID. Am positive it might be me

My other theory is having moved from couch potato to radarr is that a difference in naming convention is removing the files when it downloads a different quality and leaving empty directories.

I will post back when I do a check

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