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how to install NVIDIA driver or pass IOMMU group to container

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I'm confused. I have downloaded the Dev Tools plugin to manage GCC etc. and I have downloaded the latest NVIDIA driver but whenever I try to run the file it gives me the following message:


kernel source path '/lib/modules/4.14.40-unRAID/source' is incorrect


I have the latest Unraid 6.5.2 installed. What am I supposed to do?


Edit: In case this is useful. The server is a Dell R520 with 32 GB RAM, 2xIntel E5-2430, and a NVIDIA GTX 1050 which is being detected and can be passed through to a VM. But I need it for my Plex container.

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I dug a little deeper and found that my gpu is in it's IOMMU group which is good I guess. But how do I pass that group through to my plex container, so I can have the encoding and decoding happen on the graphics card?



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You will not be able to install the drivers without heavy modifications of unraid. You can take a look at how it's done with the DVB Plugin on github https://github.com/linuxserver/Unraid-DVB

You will first have to find and compile/install all the dependencies for installing the Nvidia driver, get the kernel source, etc. 

Might be easier to just create a VM, pass through the GPU and install Plex there.

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