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Needs some basic unRaid guidance


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I have had the worst time with Windows 10 1803 trying to access local network computers, mostly a Windows 7 and WHS2011 computers, not sure whats happening with windows, but i been trying tons of things and no luck.  


I was building a unRaid server as secondary, but now its very likely going to be my primary server, but i come to you with some questions.


Whats the preferred network protocol for unRaid? SMB or NFS? i have read that the network protcol is ideally chosen between the network and os that will be ran.  I'm just trying to see how will it work out with my local network with 4x w10 pc, 3x w7 pcs, a WHS2011 (might be fase out if unraid works out).  My usage is mostly for storage purposes of mkv files, im not going to do any virtualization, maybe in time, but as it stands right now im more worried about having a server up and being able to move files from any computer to the storage server.




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