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Help! Setup Unraid Server (for Plex usually)


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Hey Guys,


I am looking for someone’s help.  Currently, I have an iMac (32gb/3.5ghz) that is running PMS, Tautulli, Sabnzb, Couchpotato, Sonarr, Prowl and everything is on a reverse proxy and using my personal domain for the sub domains (shows.mydomain.com, movies.mydomain.com, logs.mydomain.com for Sonarr, CP and Tautulli in correlation) on Apache.  I have a Raid 5+0/16tb tower (Proraid h8r2-su3s2) that is housing all my shit.


Now, I am running out of space in my tower (15.7tb/16tb) ?.  I am thinking about doing a Supermicro setup with unraid but I don’t know what do get with that like the Supermicro versions or if I should even use a Supermicro vs grabbing another tower for my iMac.  With my setup currently, that would work better then my iMac?  Anyone had a NAS that they moved to Unraid?  How is the performance vs the NAS?

Any help would be appreciated ?

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