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Help! Setup Unraid Server (for Plex usually)

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Hey Guys,


I am looking for someone’s help.  Currently, I have an iMac (32gb/3.5ghz) that is running PMS, Tautulli, Sabnzb, Couchpotato, Sonarr, Prowl and everything is on a reverse proxy and using my personal domain for the sub domains (shows.mydomain.com, movies.mydomain.com, logs.mydomain.com for Sonarr, CP and Tautulli in correlation) on Apache.  I have a Raid 5+0/16tb tower (Proraid h8r2-su3s2) that is housing all my shit.


Now, I am running out of space in my tower (15.7tb/16tb) ?.  I am thinking about doing a Supermicro setup with unraid but I don’t know what do get with that like the Supermicro versions or if I should even use a Supermicro vs grabbing another tower for my iMac.  With my setup currently, that would work better then my iMac?  Anyone had a NAS that they moved to Unraid?  How is the performance vs the NAS?

Any help would be appreciated ?

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Hello and welcome.


unRAID makes a great NAS.  It can also run applications via Docker or VMs, many of the things you mention above could run on an unRAID server.  Supermicro makes good components, many people use them in unRAID setups.

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