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Parity build not successful


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Dear all,


I'm new to unRAID, and currently building my first server with it. Overall, I like it a lot. But currently I'm struggling as my Parity wont build.



Server is a laptop.

Cache disks are on internal sata connections.

Parity disk is in an external 2 disk enclosure as Raid0.

Data disks are in an external 4 disk enclosure (no raid controller).


What I did:


  1. Create the array with data and cache discs
  2. Transfer all data
  3. Did PreClear the Parity disk (overall two times, all went well)
  4. Tried to add parity drive
  5. Lead to read errors
  6. Tried to figure out why, but not sure about the problem
  7. PreClear again
  8. New Config
  9. Process started, after 9 minutes it cancelled with errors


Any help is very appreciated.


Edit: I currently think it's the controller/enclosure (raid). I will test some changes there...


Edit2: seems to be the controller. No need to investigate further now...


Thanks a lot,




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Hehe, thanks - I like dragons ;).


Well, everything is working very well as of now. It is - I think - a more exotic build, but seems to do the job :).


The problem with the controller (by the way, a Fantec QB-X2U3ER) was the only real issue. And I was just wondering about "read errors" reported in the GUI. But as I checked the diagnosits logs, I saw write errors. So, with another controller and using just one HDD, it is still running (the parity build).


In case that now completes, everything is perfect (keep the fingers crossed...).


A new controller will be tried tomorrow.




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10 minutes ago, Landrig said:

Hehe, thanks - I like dragons ;).



As long as you can treat this build as an experiment and not get upset when things don't work as easily or at all compared to a normal build, you will be fine.


I was concerned because many people here expect things to just work. If you enjoy a challenge, researching, learning, and tinkering this should be fun. If you want to get it done and just use it, then I would recommend a more conventional server build.

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One problem with laptops is their cramped cooling. Running a laptop 24/7/365 is likely to quickly result in a fan failure and then an overheated laptop. Besides fan failures, it's common to clog the air ducts with dust, since the ducts are so narrow.


At earlier times, when there was a big lack of small form factor and low-energy PC hardware, I know lots of people who repurposed laptops as energy-efficient servers. But people then often decided to open up the laptop so they could make use of really big but low-rpm fans.

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