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quick question about updating unraid


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I checked for an update just a minute ago and had a thought. Does unraid regularly check for updates automatically? As far as I know you have to manually check. Additionally, I don't think it checks for updates before you shutdown. I think that might be a nice feature if it did. Say I'm doing maintenance and I need to shutdown the server, it might be nice if before it shuts down it asks if I want to update first.

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34 minutes ago, itimpi said:

You can set the frequency of checks for updates under Settings->Notification Settings

Ah, cool. I figured there must have been a setting somewhere. I usually try to check for updates whenever I have to restart anyway but I forget sometimes. Apart from the check interval setting, I think it might be good to have an additional setting to check whenever a shutdown is initiated via the webui, so the user can be given the option to update first. I think I might suggest it as a feature. Thanks for the info.

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