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[SOLVED] 2MB/s writes from mnt/diskX/sharex or mnt/user/sharex to mnt/disks/custom_mount


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I have a rclone cache mount at /mnt/disks/google_media.   I'm trying to copy files from e.g. mnt/user/tv_shows or mnt/Disk1/tv_shows to /mnt/disks/google_media/tv_shows, but I'm getting a paltry 2-3MB/s on average, maybe 6-7MB/s if I'm lucky.  The way the cache is setup is for files to be copied to a temp folder at /mnt/user/rclone_upload until they are transferred one by one by rclone after a pre-defined delay.  This way files are visible in the mount, even if they haven't been uploaded yet.






Offline uploading

In an effort to make writing through cache more reliable, the backend now supports this feature which can be activated by specifying a cache-tmp-upload-path.

A files goes through these states when using this feature:

An upload is started (usually by copying a file on the cache remote)

When the copy to the temporary location is complete the file is part of the cached remote and looks and behaves like any other file (reading included)

After cache-tmp-wait-time passes and the file is next in line, rclone move is used to move the file to the cloud provider

Reading the file still works during the upload but most modifications on it will be prohibited

Once the move is complete the file is unlocked for modifications as it becomes as any other regular file

If the file is being read through cache when it's actually deleted from the temporary path then cache will simply swap the source to the cloud provider without interrupting the reading (small blip can happen though)

Files are uploaded in sequence and only one file is uploaded at a time. Uploads will be stored in a queue and be processed based on the order they were added. The queue and the temporary storage is persistent across restarts and even purges of the cache.


At the moment rclone_upload is only on disk 2 and even when I copy from /mnt/disk2/tv_shows I get no speed advantage. 


Is there a way to speedup my transfer rates i.e. are they slow because I'm copying between user and disk shares?  Should I (and can I) mount rclone somewhere else, or move the temp folder??


Unfortunately, I can't move the files direct to /mnt/user/rclone_upload as rclone needs to encrypt the files.  Maybe this is slowing things down, but no-one else is complaining and I doubt that would account for 2MB/s....


Thanks in advance for any help.

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