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Controllers/Disks mixed up


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Hi all,


I have two controllers (external enclosures) for my HDDs from the same vendor - and figured out a strange problem. I first created my disks array. Later I wanted to add the parity as a Raid0. All via USB3.


Unfortunately, unRAID mixes these two now up. The identifier of the controller is the same, both are shown as first disks in the enclosure (0-0) - and whenever I select the 8TB Raid zero as parity device, I get the 4TB Disk for from the array (which is also the first disk 0-0). Even if the disks are different, and the size, I can't use both the same time. When I select the raid 8TB as Parity, it is populated with the 4TB disk. And the slot for the 4TB displays an error.


I added a screenshot of the problem. I tried it with new config multiple times, but without success.


I now switched the Raid enclosure to the eSata cable, as then I get a completely different ID - and all works. But I would like to switch back to USB3, as its faster.


Any ideas? A bug?



Thanks and best,




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