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(RESOLVED) UNRAID web GUI hangs / doesn't load after 24h...


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When i reboot my server i can get the web GUI from the server directly for approximately 24h, same from a remote web connection i have a web GUI that loads no problem for about 24h then the GUI hangs... i get the menu tabs options at the top but noting else loads even if i try to navigate from one menu to the other (See attached image).



i ran the diagnostics from putty and also attached the file here would anyone be kind enough to help me figure out whats going on?


Much appreciated


Sorry first post here and i'm asking for help :S



UNRAID version 6.50

4x 4T WD Red HD + 1x 4T WD Red HD

2 dockers only PLEX & FILEZILLA


i7 8th gen processor

MSI Board (Can get specific if required)


let me know if you need more info



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