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Is my brand new SSD going bad?


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I was running dual 256GB cache drives for over 2 years and not a hickup from them and recently bought a Crucial MX500 500GB to gain a sata port back and now i seem to be running into this issue


Today out of nowhere I received a pushbullet notification that my cache drive had pending sectors. I ran a short smart test and it passed and then while running an extended smart test i recieved a notification that everything returned to normal.


Both smart test passed.


Here is a screen shot of the cache drive attributes 



the only thing that seems off is Attribute 173 before all this happened it was at 0 after the extended smart test it changed to 6. Currently it is at 7.


From what i found on this website http://www.cropel.com/library/smart-attribute-list.aspx, 173 is Wear Leveller Erase Count. This drive is about a week old.


Still not sure why i got notified of a pending sector and then it said everything was normal again.




Can someone shine some light on what i may be dealing with?


Thanks for the help



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I swear you have an answer for everything, glad to see its nothing with the drive. Just did some quick googling and seems they released a firmware update on the 19th. Thanks for the Info.




Firmware M3CR022 has been tested and qualified for immediate release in the Crucial factory, including 2.5-inch and M.2 models of the MX500 SSD. The update from M3CR010 to M3CR022 is an optional update for SSDs in the field, but is recommended if the MX500 is experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Improved ready time from DEVSLP low-power state.
  • Improved TRIM and Wear Leveling performance.
  • Improved SATA error handing.
  • Improved compatibility with some TCG Opal 2.0 third-party encryption utilities (this change does not affect MS BitLocker).
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