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Preclear - Zeroing: PAUSED - HDD Problems


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Hi everyone,


Step 1 was successful but the status of step 2 has been "paused" for over an hour. A few minutes ago, the status changed to  processing but with a very slow rate (250kb) then went back to paused.


It is important to note that the reason for the pre-clear was to try and confirm the drive's connection to unRAID was working properly. This drive got kicked out of my array sometime ago and I have been unable to re-add it since. I checked the drive with SeaTools and it was reported as being OK.


I have attached the current preview (which also reports the drive as OK).


Would anyone have any ideas on what might be happening?


Thank you,




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See this from the SMART section for this drive:


199 UDMA_CRC_Error_Count    -OSRCK   200   176   000    -    53915

You started out with 34 CRC errors and now you have 53915.  Most of the time, these errors are caused by a bad SATA data cable or a loose connection.  Replacing the cable and try again.  (Once in a blue moon, this could a problem with the SATA controller.  So you could switch the new cable to spare port if you have one...) 

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Thank you for your help.


I use 4 Supermicro HDD racks and I suspect the sata port for that HDD's bay is faulty. I'll have to find a way to confirm that.


I have plugged the drive in one of the other racks and continued the pre-clear process. It has run through step 1 to 4 successfully. It has been at step 5 for quite some time now. How long should the post-read process approximately take for a 4TB drive?

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Well, if by progress you mean a percentage of completion, no. All it says in the preview window is "Post-Read in progress ..." It has been liked that for many hours but, since it is not showing any elapsed time, I am not sure if it has been as long as step 1. I guess I'll find out tomorrow morning if it completed.


What do I do if it is still not finished tomorrow morning? Restart unraid and try to run pre-clear again?

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Not before you get another Diagnostics file.  To see if something else is going, those files are needed.  You can look in the smart folder in that file and find the SMART report on that disk to see if anything has changed since the last Diagnostics report was generated.  Be sure to post up that Diagnostics file with your next post.  There may be some clues in the other files as to what is going on.  


I would then run a Long/extended SMART test on the drive and see what that finds.  You can do this by  going to Main, then Unassigned Devices, then click on the disk (sdx) in the Device column. Select the Self-Test  tab and click on the SMART extended self-test:. 


It will take several hours to complete.  

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When I checked on Sunday morning, post-read was still running. I was pretty sure it was never going to complete but, since I was going to be out all day, I let it run. When I came back late afternoon, it was still the same so I stopped the pre-clear, saved a diagnostic file and tried to resume the pre-clear as I had done previously. This time it did not want to resume. It just indicated post-read had failed. I did not see anything in the diagnostics file that showed a problem. I then re-added the drive to the array and rebuilt the data and parity. When I checked this morning, data and parity were rebuilt successfully. I haven't tried an extended self-test yet. I will do so tonight and post the result tomorrow.


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I did see one thing in the first Diagnostics that you posted.  Preclear has/had an option (not sure of present state of software) to install a package called 'Statistics'  which phoned-home the results of each preclear test.  You might try uninstalling that package.  (Or you could uninstall Preclear and check to see that the Statistics module was uninstalled, then reinstall Preclear without the module when/if offered the choice.) 



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