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Ubuntu (OVH) map NFS share in unraid


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Hi all,


I am wanting to backup my photos and documents from my unraid server to my hosted ubuntu server (OVH).

I am looking into the duplicati docker and trying to following spaceinvaders guide:



It looks like i need to add my OVH (Destination) folder as an NFS share on my unraid, and then configure duplicati to perform the backup. However when i try to mount the NFS share i do not see where i put the password - i presume that i need this in the IP/HOST part of creating the NFS share. Here is a dummy of what i have currently for my OVH:


[email protected]/home/showstopper/backups


I tried searching but could only really see adding unraid share to ubuntu - not the other way round.

Any pointers would be appreciated!









EDIT - Ah so after watching the video again it looks like i have to backup locally first, and then do a cloud backup. Is there no way to just backup to the cloud first?

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