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(Solved)Server randomly crashes


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Hey guys, I am trying to help a buddy out who is new to unraid and we just set his system up. For some reason out of nowhere the server just drops off line and loses all function.  I took a picture of what is on the screen when I come down to it after this happens. Also I have attached a syslog and diag as well. I tried to look over it but to be honest I don't really know what I am looking at. Any help to try to narrow this issue down would be appreciated. 


the server is nothing crazy, 

AsRock MB

Amd Fx 9590

16gb Ram

OS runs on 8GB Sandisk Mem stick






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Just an update, I have tried a different USB, on a Different USB port running a new download of the OS and still this random Freeze. loses connectivity. All the lights on the keyboard are flashing, Fans in PC are running yet have to Hard shut down and reboot to bring back online

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So this is still happening and is getting so annoying. Anything cpu intensive process causes this to crash out the same way. I google searched and I see other Linux distros have the same Kernal issue with resolve. That does not make me feel good about this :/

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