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  1. Parax

    Random Crash/Network Failure..

    Yet this network failure issue that just looks like a crash, is happening to multiple people.. 20 odd years working in IT have taught me to highlight the pattern amongst the noise.. and there is a pattern here...
  2. Parax

    Random Crash/Network Failure..

    another report of the same issue
  3. Parax

    Help Troubleshooting Recurring Crashes

    Same here and here I have not got a solution yet, I'm still looking for one and cross posting all the threads together will mean if a solution gets posted to one of them, we will all be able to find it..
  4. Parax

    Random Crash/Network Failure..

    hey, can anyone help? do I need to post more info? Seems to be exactly same symptoms as this issue:
  5. Parax

    (Solved)Server randomly crashes

    Same issue?..
  6. I have a random crash thing happening.. the box seems to just looses all network connectivity.. and requires a hard reset to restore. (It does not restart by itself..) I am running the box header-less so am unable to see what is on screen or if the box is totally siezed.. because the crash is fairly random (currently anywhere from 1 to 6 days) I am unable to leave it setup with a screen at its current location. I have had the FCP Troubleshooting Mode running for the last crash and have attached FCP log tail and diagnostics.. any advice on where to start troubleshooting this would be appreciated.. Logs.7z
  7. Parax

    [Plugin] CA Fix Common Problems

    That seems to have done the job, thanks! Whilst I was there, I also deleted the file in plugins-removed: /config/plugins-removed/fix.common.problems.plg
  8. Parax

    [Plugin] CA Fix Common Problems

    Rebooted, removed, rebooted, reinstalled... screenshot Same result .. nothing in settings: and same jigsaw icon in plugins Here is the Server Log for the install:
  9. Parax

    [Plugin] CA Fix Common Problems

    This may be a little Ironic but I have a problem with Fix Common Problems Installation.. I'm not seeing a lifesaver icon in the settings.. I'm only seeing a Green Jigsaw Piece in Plugins tab.. Clicking the jigsaw takes me to a blank page at: [IP addr]/Settings/FixProblems I've tried removing and re installing from Community Applications but always the same result... any suggestions?
  10. Parax

    Notification - SMTP Settings

    try also https://accounts.google.com/DisplayUnlockCaptcha
  11. Parax

    UnRaid to Support Shadow Copies?

    Is Shadow copy supported? I'm about to upgrade my nas, I like nearly everything about unraid but shadowcopy for win shares is a highly desired item on my list.. native or via pluggin..