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Red X on bad(?) drive


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Hello ...
I noticed a Red X on one of my drives.  I've attached the diagnostics logs, it is disk ending in ...LDS that has the Red X.  I've attempted to read through the Wiki and diagnose the problem with the SMART report, but I've not come to a conclusion.  The only thing I notice is that the drive almost has a 3yr power on time.
If anyone is able to identify what the problem is, I'd be interested in knowing how you came to that conclusion with the logs/smart reports.
I do have a disk already precleared on standby ready to rebuild the data, if necessary.
Steps I've taken so far:

6/25 - noticed Red X

6/26 - diagnostics/syslog/smart report downloads
- power down server
- checked cables
- re-reseated all drives in chassis
upon restart .... won't boot - blinking cursor in upper left, re-seated the flash drive, ended up having to go into BIOS to set usb drive as default boot device
Now I am able to boot into unraid GUI / still have Red X on ..LDS drive / I have not restarted the array
My system
UnRaid 6.4.0
7 data drives / 1 parity
256GB SSD Cache
Secondary 250GB SSD running VM's (outside of array)
Motherboard - Supermicro - X8DT3
LSI9210 Controller (9 of 12 drive bays run through this controller)
thanks in advance for the help, really appreciate this community forum!


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