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SMB and VLAN issue


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I have an issue while transfer file between two vlans.


Here are my setup

1. Unraid is at (br0) with vlan10 at

2. My PC ip is


I use mangement switch to route vlan and pfsense to bridge between vlanes.


My problem is when I transfer using SMB on windows 10, I can transfer only 15% of file and got error 0x8007003B  on However, if I access from my computer thru, with the same file I can transfer 100%.


Any thought on this issue?

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Just a possible explanation here but its likely caused by the fact that when you have a VLAN IP in addition to the usual,

unraid tries to reply to reply using the VLAN IP as its closer (networking wise) to the PC. the PC of course doesn't like that and ignores the replies.

this will cause a whole bunch of issues at the TCP/IP level which will slow down and usually break transfers at the app level (SMB, ftp, HTTP/S)

this is not specific to unraid but applies to any network device with more than on IP in connected VLANs/networks.

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