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Permission problems (v6.5.3) (BUG??)


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I'm having permission problems...


I have several users, among them root, admin_user (to be able to save files on the shares), read_user (has only read access)...


I use a win 7 computer with the samba login as admin_user to save files.


If I do a ls -la in an unraid shell, then those files are NOT nobody:users. They are admin_user:users.


I did a testparm and did not find a "force user = nobody" in the global section, nor in the individual share sections.


So I did an edit of the /boot/config/smb-extra.conf to include a global "force user = nobody". 


Now files/dirs that I create with the win 7 machine are nobody:users.


Does anyone else have such problems (especially not good when going into appdata and accessing files there)?


PS: testparm also gives a warning that these settings are depreciated:

    syslog = 0
    syslog only = Yes
    null passwords = Yes

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