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Share question/problem with OSX


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I have a share on one of my unRAID servers that I use in conjunction with sabNZB. When I have copied files out of this folder and I go to delete them, I always get an error message telling me the files are in use. The only way I have found to fix the problem, is to disconnect my Finder window from the share, disconnect from the share, reconnect and then I can delete the files. I using a Mac and High Sierra.


The settings for the share are as follows:


AFP Security settings, security - Public, export - no

SMB Security settings, export - yes, enhanced OSX Interoperability - yes, security - public.


Any ideas?

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I don't have AFP enabled under settings.


Other than that, I have my security set to private and I have my SMB User Access set to Read/Write.


I don't use sabNZB, but maybe it's locking the files.  I guess a good way to test would be to stop sabNZB and see if you can delete a file.

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