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Disk unmountable


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After a reboot one of the drives is unmountable.

Restarted the array in Maintenance mode -> got to the drive used xfs_repair -L but i get the following errors :


xfs_repair -L /dev/sdc1
Phase 1 - find and verify superblock...
Phase 2 - using internal log
        - zero log...
xfs_repair: read failed: Input/output error
failed to find log head
zero_log: cannot find log head/tail (xlog_find_tail=-5)


I do not have any parity disks. I can recover data with UFS explorer but i'm wondering if i can repair the superblock somehow.


I have atached the Diagnostic zip also, the drive with problems is the WesternDigital one.


Thank You

enterprise-diagnostics-20180707-1728 (1).zip

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