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Help with disk utilization of docker.img


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First time getting this issue. The latest container I have installed was Home-assistant. I was having an issue with the db in HA getting big so I think thats thats a big issue. I also see ZM and Krusader almost 2gigs as well. 

root@NAS:~# docker image ls
REPOSITORY                     TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
titpetric/netdata              latest              0a35eff5769e        23 hours ago        267MB
linuxserver/radarr             latest              1661dc509719        42 hours ago        576MB
linuxserver/sonarr             latest              23b6a4861c66        42 hours ago        573MB
linuxserver/hydra              latest              76269d87883a        43 hours ago        170MB
linuxserver/ombi               latest              543b56e82351        2 days ago          323MB
linuxserver/sabnzbd            latest              27289b69118f        2 days ago          266MB
linuxserver/unifi              latest              4417fcfd6426        2 days ago          457MB
linuxserver/plex               latest              573933923606        2 days ago          440MB
linuxserver/openvpn-as         latest              98c6fa270583        2 days ago          218MB
linuxserver/deluge             latest              4ca6e18a9691        2 days ago          175MB
linuxserver/letsencrypt        latest              29b67370c808        2 days ago          236MB
linuxserver/nextcloud          latest              8866b0d66670        2 days ago          179MB
linuxserver/syncthing          latest              3f728cb79391        2 days ago          155MB
linuxserver/nzbget             latest              3df92da72349        2 days ago          80.1MB
homeassistant/home-assistant   latest              51b4efdf6053        2 days ago          1.81GB
jlesage/handbrake              latest              0c77ced9c7c7        2 weeks ago         199MB
emby/embyserver                latest              7db198c18c74        3 weeks ago         210MB
oznu/unms                      latest              94fae0eb628c        3 weeks ago         774MB
jlesage/mkvtoolnix             latest              c4123b95a0b2        3 weeks ago         236MB
binhex/arch-krusader           latest              d9db5b52f162        4 weeks ago         1.88GB
tautulli/tautulli              latest              6175b57bd20e        4 weeks ago         153MB
tronyx/docker-organizr-v2      latest              22739eaf2096        6 weeks ago         78.1MB
dlandon/zoneminder             latest              d6b367676400        8 weeks ago         1.4GB
jlesage/makemkv                latest              79df937cf751        2 months ago        255MB
jlesage/mkvcleaver             latest              e73a03f080e9        4 months ago        300MB
n5qm/ozwcp                     latest              f476ecd75882        23 months ago       154MB
gfjardim/logitechmediaserver   latest              8a3ab5fbd36c        3 years ago         616MB

I went ahead and deleted Zoneminder as I wasnt using it quite yet and I did get a back to normal notification. All my dockers are using /mnt/usr/appdata/(container) which are first stored on my cache the moved to my array overnight. Is there anything I could look into or change so I make sure that I dont fill up the docker image?

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