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I am going to be setting up Unraid in an environment with several VLANS... DMZ, and several Inside networks. I would like to put my UnRaid server on one of my inside networks, yet have the VMs and dockers run on various other VLANS depending on what they do. 


I have searched the forums and found some ideas, but nothing comprehensive enough to show me how to do this. I am good on the network side, but just don't understand how the UNRaid side works. For example, do I need a NIC in each vlan? Will 1 nic act as a trunk and handle the switching to the devices? If so, how do I configure the virtual switch or is it just a flat unmanaged one? I use DHCP, so I would prefer to assign my static IPs manually on the DHCP server.


Any information or even a full tutorial would be helpful!


Thank You all for your time!

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I'm not much help in this department as I am still learning a lot of the nuances of networking, but in general, anything you can do on another Linux box you can also do with unRAID. 


It sounds to me like you'd want at least two NICs, one for unRAID and the other for your trunk so you can configure your VMs as desired.


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29 minutes ago, ken-ji said:

if your switch to your unraid allows tagged VLAN frames, you can get by with just one NIC.

again: the drop will carry both tagged and untagged frames, untagged being the primary network for unRAID



Thank you for this!  I mostly got it, I think that I can get this working from here. I am using a ubiquity switch and a USC... the setup should be slightly different, but not that much... This will be my first go with ubiquity... normally I just setup ports to trunk vlans in cli on cisco products... Does anyone know if what is pictured here will be drastically different? The tagging should be pretty much the same right?

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