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Picking drives to upgrade


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due to one hard drive failing (pending sectors started rising like a volcano) i've started upgrading the drives in my array. parity and the failing drive have been upgraded, however i have several other new, larger drives to swap in for existing data drives. i'm finishing up running extended SMART tests on all of my drives and so far the reports all look ok to me, though i'm no expert.


with that in mind, are there particular SMART attributes or something else to look for when deciding which drives to replace?


the old drives are all 2GB/3GB, so replacing the smallest isn't a big deal. most of my drives are WD reds, however i have a black and some greens mixed in there, as well as a Samsung. at this point i was thinking of replacing the greens, then the drives with the highest Power On Hours - a few are just over 5 years, though my cache drive is just over 10(!) years...



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