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extending to another case

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I currently have a 12 Bay hotswap case (rosewill). I am thinking of adding another one of the same, or possibly a Norco. What do I need to run the drives in the second case (SATA drives)? I know I will need another controller card, but what cables do I run to the new case from the old one? If I use another rosewill case, the drives have individual SATA connectors so I will probably need breakout cables, but I'm assuming I don't need to run 12 SATA cables from one case to the other.

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The bottom one is an SFF-8088 to 8087 adapter like this:


Then larger middle one is the  SAS expander, the top one is optional, it's just to power on the second power supply, you can e.g. use a paper click and power it on using the button on the back of the PSU.

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