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(Solved) Stuck at array starting after new config


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Hi there,

2 days ago I got a new drive and added it to the array without preclearing first.

After it got cleared by unRAID I noticed that it is defective (reallocated count getting higher as I write to it and pending sector count doesn't go down).

I wanted to RMA it, so I got into removing it from the array.


I first tried the approach of clearing it to zero from this guide (The "Clear Drive Then Remove Drive" Method):


Woke up the next morning and it cleared only 30GB out of the 8TB drive..

So I killed the 'dd' command and tried the first approach with rebuilding parity.

The problem is that after I did 'Tools->New Config' and unassigned the drive, the server is stuck at 'Array starting'.


Docker was off but VM was on when I clicked Start Array.

I rechecked my assignments and am sure they are as previously assigned except the one drive I want out (disk6).

Please help me as I don't want to reboot the server and lose everything :/


Thanks a lot in advance!



EDIT: Also I remember that when I tried the 'clear drive then remove method' I forgot to include all the other drives but this one from all the shares (did change the global share settings though).

Also, I had problems stopping the array after that procedure because it showed that the processes of the server wanted to access the unmounted disk6 (unmounted and then 'dd' zero on it).

I had to hard shutdown the server using the power button but the array started just fine after that (before the new config).


EDIT2: I also had an auto-starting script to rclone mount to /mnt/disks/<DIR> that could have compromised the new array start.

I unmounted it after clicking start array but think it is too late cause now it's stuck.



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