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docker gateway on custom interface


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I created a few VLANs to isolate my VMs and Dockers from main network.

I added my vlan in the unraid network config and assigned a static IP address+gateway


in my docker configuration I can enable my customer network on the new interface (br0.30).  However the gateway field is blank for anything but my br0 interface


If I put two dockers in that network segment, they can ping each other without issues, however they can't seem to ping anything else, not the IP assigned to the br0.30, not my .1 default gateway on which my router sits.


getting confused as to what I'm doing wrong.


update ---


I manage to get the gateway field to populate by removing the unraid IP address in that br interface (none).


however things are the same, I can only ping other dockers inside the segment.


as a note, my other vlan (br0.40) on which I have VMs works as it should.





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Can you post screen shots of your settings? I don't quite get what you have setup already.

* Post the docker settings page (turn on advanced from upper right so we can see the custom network settings)

* Post the interface settings - but you did remove the IP addresses already from the VLAN interfaces right?

* Post your network details for the VLANs

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